About Event

The Only Event for Progressive TA Leaders in the Manufacturing Industry Navigating an Intensifying Talent Shortage & Evolving Workforce Priorities in 2023 & Beyond 

 LEAP TA: Manufacturing is your best opportunity to uncover 18+ case studies, showcasing the progressive TA strategies that are revolutionizing the industry. Learn how to tackle the talent shortage and meet evolving workforce priorities. Explore transformative TA approaches to find, inspire, attract, and retain a skilled workforce.   

Case Studies Include


Discover how General Motors has successfully navigated the intensifying talent shortage, maintaining a consistent candidate flow and effectively reduced time to hire.


Vermeer Corporation’s Effective Succession Planning: Supporting entry-level workers with new training to leverage growth and advance progression. 

pepsi 2

Explore how PepsiCo have diversified their workforce, challenged traditional TA thinking, and redefined the role for women in the manufacturing industry. 


Learn about the initiatives Harvest Food Group has implemented to enhance employee engagement and reduce high turnover rates.


Sportsman Boats & Phenom Yachts’ approach to enticing and inspiring the next generation to pursue a career in manufacturing through innovative strategies. 


Discover GE Aviation’s successful approach to reducing time to hire and mitigating hourly workforce turnover through a variety of tactics. 


Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation has crafted afresh and equitable EVP, offering employees increased flexibility to achieve a better work-life balance. 

How it Works

We believe the traditional conference format is not fit for purpose, so we've ripped it up and started from scratch. When you look inside the following agenda, you will see three main types of session:

    • Discover sessions offer you the chance to hear the most admired people leaders in manufacturing share the stories of what they've done to solve their most pressing HR challenges
    • Develop sessions provide you with the unique opportunity to have your burning questions answered in a room full of your peers and move beyond the 'what' and the 'why' to get to the 'how'
    • Action sessions are designed to help you work with your team to set a clear, bespoke action plan of what you are going to change when you get back to your business to ensure you get a fast ROI